Microsoft + Act-On = Better Together – In this video we learn about the benefits from integrating Microsoft Dynamics CRM with Act-On Software.

When you integrate your Microsoft Dynamics CRM with Act-On’s marketing platform -- you get truly intelligent customer engagement.

Dynamics is brilliant at collecting, organizing, and managing your data. Act-On gives you the tools to make that data actionable -- and the intelligence to make it personal.

The two-way communication means you have more data, from more touchpoints, to make more informed decisions about how to engage your customers and prospects.

And how to shape the customer experience across the entire lifecycle.

Act-On gives your marketing teams the tools they need to create, automate, and measure marketing, nurture, upsell, and retention campaigns, based on data they pull from Dynamics.

And Act-On gives your sales team the ability to send trackable Act-On emails right from Dynamics. And they can look into activity histories and see how your leads and customers are engaging with you - which web pages they visit, which emails they open, and so on. So your reps know just what to say when they reach out for that first call, email or text.

Plus, Act-On and Dynamics CRM users can enjoy the security and flexibility of Microsoft Azure’s powerful cloud infrastructure.

Together, Act-On and Dynamics CRM allows you to focus on your business, not your technology stack.This accelerates your time to value now, and your profits moving forward.

Learn more, by taking a tour or visiting our Microsoft integration resource library.

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